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Arkan's camping services and solutions by the assistance and support of our partners

Arkan’s camping services and solutions and by the assistance and support of our partners and our direct execution is something you can rely on, working in a hostile and red flag and hot zones in an extreme, remote or hostile environment you can go to the limit where you can order a sandwich or a hot pizza. All what we care for is providing our clients with the highest levels of satisfactions. It doesn’t matter how far you are, where you are Whether you are, ARKAN OIL & GAS can provide a full camping and catering service to meet your exact requirements.



Taking in consideration
our client's systems
of health and safety

We are contractually obliged to adopt our clients systems, we will take the necessary steps to comply. Arkan Oil & Gas ensures its partners and client's peace of mind by registering undergone rigorous assessments.

Our vision



Preservation of the environment, quality of the product/ services and compliance with all applicable health, safety, environmental, security, legal, quality and regulatory requirements in countries where we operate, is also paramount.

Arkan Company

ARKAN OIL & GAS is committed to conduct all business activities in a responsible manner. This assures the health, safety and security of people in our care is of the utmost importance.



  • Arkan Policies and Community

    We will always communicate openly on Arkan issues with our partners and clients and share with them our experience and knowledge that lead to success. Arkan is ambitious and motivated by our thirst to achieve the finest thinkable settlements and solutions for our beloved clients. Our network is wide, different and well connected to serve one goal which is the satisfaction of our partners and clients from the local teams, producers, shippers and transporters till bankers, traders and investors.

  • Our Passion

    Our Passion is for Service Excellence, proactive management structure, ability to alwayse deliver on our promises and almost perfect operational models.

  • Our Team

    ARKAN OIL & GAS requires obligation to all our people and suppliers and contractors. Our teams monitored by our Management are responsible and accountable for ensuring amenability. Arkan's beloved team network is prequalified and practices are professionals with International criteria, guaranteeing all parties are on the same page of understanding.

Our Work
Arkan Oil & Gas oil is a privately-owned growing oil and gas service company based in Libya and Tunisia. Aiming on various service providing in energy trading, logistics and consulting. Established as on ground oil and gas services and consulting firm, we at Arkan Oil & Gas oil are constantly advancing and progressing in order to meet new challenges, while developing our team to ensure a competitive superiority.
Our Packages
Our packages are principally those related to the petroleum industry handled by experienced players who deal from feedstock like crude oil and oil refined products such as fuel oil, gasoil, diesel and jet fuel. We are also braced by shipping and financial set-ups team support our experienced traders. And our commercial partners are crude oil producers, refineries and trading companies from all around the planet.
Our Areas

We facilitate trade flows
between clients