Services we cater to the market


Services we cater
to the market

Arkan’s camping services and solutions and by the assistance and support of our partners and our direct execution is something you can rely on, working in a hostile and red flag and hot zones in an extreme, remote or hostile environment you can go to the limit where you can order a sandwich or a hot pizza.

All what we care for is providing our clients with the highest levels of satisfactions. It doesn’t matter how far you are, where you are Whether you are, ARKAN OIL & GAS can provide a full camping and catering service to meet your exact requirements.

we provide our services directly or by or by the support of our well connected partners, we accurately able to provide the following:
Oil and gas manpower recruitments
we are ready to provide mainly Manpower on Consultancy Level.
Skill Engineers, supervisors and human resources solutions.
Remote site fuel, water and diesel supplies
Comping constructions
Comping constructions that are not limited to Fuel storage, Satellite based communications systems, Supply of kitchen, laundry and catering equipment and related services for remote sites and turnkey projects.
Environment treatment
Oil and gas general field constructions and well services
Oil Field cementing and acidizing
Standard and mobile fuel stations and spare parts supplies
Catering and world class food solutions
Equipment importing and supplies
Maintenance Services
Maintenance Services that covers Preventative Maintenance, Curative Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance
Logistics & Distributions